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Aaron Nelson


Aaron believes in working hard, being honest and doing a job well for his customers, drivers, and staff. Our success can be attributed to the efforts of our drivers who work hard to ensure our customer’s products are delivered timely and safely. The core values and strong work ethic are paying off! Yes, we are continually expanding and growing to fulfill our customer needs!

Office Family

Tina Theis

Communications/Dispatch Manager

Brett Young


Julie Szydel


Felica Alfson


Curt Biely


Angie Zdanowski

Accounting/Human Resource Manager

Amanda Zich

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Kevin Lipski


Brian Haberman


Robert Kortens


Brandon Fierst


Driver Family

Ricky Bailey

Anniversary: 10/29/2012

Joseph Ballard

Anniversary: 9/6/2016

Nicholas Brull

Anniversary: 12/12/2016

Scott Buchholz

Anniversary: 3/6/2017

Erik Burt

Anniversary: 7/5/2016

Chad Faken

Anniversary: 6/21/2010

Andrew Freiberg

Anniversary: 5/28/2018

Brian Hanson

Anniversary: 2/20/2017

Raymond Kunesh

Anniversary: 3/28/2018

Dale Olson

Anniversary: 7/5/2016

Justin Pasek

Anniversary: 3/4/2015

Christopher Pribbernow

Anniversary: 4/29/2015

Brian Senglaub

Anniversary: 11/28/2016

Jacob Smith

Anniversary: 8/06/2018

Randy Stehula

Anniversary: 1/21/2017

Christopher Strauss

Anniversary: 10/24/2016

Matthew Theis

Anniversary: 10/28/2015

Thomas Theis

Anniversary: 5/18/2015

Joshua Wilson

Anniversary: 8/14/2017

Shane Wilson

Anniversary: 7/8/2013

Nathan Winkel

Anniversary: 7/16/2018

Joshua Lesperance

Anniversary: 10/08/18

Jason Krummel

Anniversary: 02/04/19

Brandon Jones

Anniversary: 03/11/19

Owner Operators

Josh Reis

Jay Oblewski

Kris Santoianni

Keith Moore

Bobby Mabie

Al Wittmus

Brian Slater

Johnny Vankraanen